Creating Shared Value

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    Do you ever wonder why companies and society cant come together to accomplish one common goal ? Or has this been done before ? is there examples ? or how this was achieved ? Through this brief blog I hope to inlighten you on examples of how and what has been done to demostrate the message around creating shared value.


    Creating shared value is based around the concept of Capitalism. It can be used in a small buisness or on a larger scale to find a balance between finacial sucsess and reaching societys sucsess such as clean water, food, health. the aim is to use a wave of innovation to create growth and devolpment. The buisness have a challenge of corporation responsability. All well and good but is this happening today ? Yes it is ! Vodafone is after launching the project M-pesa which has grown the wealth of the country. Vodafone is responsible for 11% of the overall Gross Domestic Product (2011).


    Wal-mart is another example. They have reduced the carbon emmisions by 25% through less packaging and transport. Saving them $200 million and creating a cleaner world to live in. It’s a 2 way win. Johnston and Johnston made a profit of $250 million from spending money on workers health in a more efficent way. This leads to less sick-days and greater work force… also more bring home pay. They also have reduced carbon emmsions by buying95% of their food from local farmers. This creates local employment and svaes the cost of carbon taxes and delivery vans.


    Waht really sums creating shared value is the work that Waterhealth International do. Its a fast-growing company in recent years. However they support and share the real values we eed to grow as a society. They provide clean water to over 1 million people in India, they provide 60000 students with nutrtious meals and also recycle 700 tonnes of waste into a organic fertalizer. Its clear to the blind both buisness and society can come together to reach a common goal.


    Job creation, oppurtunities and wealth creation is what society needs. Profit and a strong workforce is what companys look for. They are both tightly-knit with the goverment who can sign laws and legistlation to help cntrol and empower the chnage of both groups. Everyone has a part to play in this. It doesnt all happen overnight. But we can all work as one to achieve common goals. Rome wasnt built in a day, but every bit of progress helps !

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