Good teamwork, importance of humour and the situation of pupils

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    This week we started recording videos for the class of our cooperation school. I was very positively surprised, both by myself and by the other project members, what high-quality and creative videos we produced. In the process, I learned how important it is to include humor and wit when preparing “classroom videos,” especially when it comes to the topic of self-motivation. I learned about my colleagues being supportive and appreciative of their own work.
    Last week made it clear to me once again that we live in an unequal society based on performance and profit motives. This is also evident in the current situation in schools, which I was able to learn about not only through my current involvement at school, but also through people in my environment. Many pupils in the current situation of lockdown are exposed to massive personal stress, often do not have the necessary resources at home (terminals, stable WLAN, quiet rooms, …) and at the same time there is no sufficient assistance from the education policy. It would take the necessary resources and a deceleration of the school day. On the contrary, the pupils seem to be expected to continue functioning “normally”, to complete their lessons and exams, not to mention written pre-scientific work and the final exams.

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