Intro: the Hackathon & Service learning

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    When I first heard about this course it caught my interest straight away. Although the pandemic has impacted the original plans for the course, the opportunity is still there to gain great experience and learn about the important traits of strategic management. Service Learning is described as a combination of what we know as formal education and applying that learning in a service oriented way.
    I’m hopeful that this module will help me massively in the future when I embark upon creating my own business. In order to be successful with the ‘haiceatóin’ it will be necessary to have basic communication skill as well as effective team work skills. In my opinion a necessary part of this course is to understand the challenges facing the people of the island of Arannmore and find a solution for these challenges to improve the quality of life for the community on the island .
    By the end of this course I am hoping that the people of Arannmore will be in a better situation as a result of the project we hope to implement on the island.

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