Intro: the Hackathon & Service learning

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    Over the course of this haiceatón a problem will be given to us , and us as students have to use all of the skills that we have learnt over the course of this module to try and come up with a solution to try help or solve this problem. During this we will also hear from other countries and I am very excited to hear how they overcame there problem. I am hoping that the pitch I give will be succesful and that the Island will use my solution to help with there problem. Aswell as helping the islanders I am also looking forward to meeting them and hearing the stories they have as I feel it is nearly a completely different culture over there. I am Happy that there is a Pitch or a presentation aspect in this module/course as I feel this will have huge benefits for me in the future. I don’t think by the end of this I will be an expert on the topic but I hope to have a better understanding on it.


    I have a lot of experience of working in a team environment and I am hopeful that this will help me during this course. Playing for a soccer team has helped my communication skills and I hope that I am able to put these skills to use in this hacathon. Aswell as playing for my football team I also work in a shop where we constantly have to commuincate so we can fulfill our roles as best as possible.

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