Intro: the Hackathon & Service learning

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    During this blog post, I will be discussing my thoughts in relation to Hackathon 2021 and what I would like to achieve from the event itself. Recently, we (students from Fiontar and Coil na Gaeilge in DCU) have been told that we will be coming together with the island of Árainn Mhór, the locals and its new digital hub, to create a digital, cultural solution to a local challenge. I am honoured to have been given this opportunity to participate in this project and I am looking forward to the experience which I hope to encounter during the time of the Hackathon.


    The Hackathon will be a great way for many students, including myself, to work with other students who are also studying business related courses in university through the means of the Irish language. I will be looking to improve and develop my employability/business and interpersonal skills during the duration of the Hackathon project, with the goal of being more prepared for employment post university. The thoughts of working with other students in a group, in order to solve a challenge set by the islanders excites me and appeals to me. It will be a great opportunity to avail of the facilities available on the island such as the new digital hub – MODÁM. I believe that teamwork, patience, effective communication and problem solving skills will be vital in order to participate in this project and seek enjoyment during the duration of the stay on the island of Árainn Mhór.


    I aim to build new connections with the individuals during the Hackathon event as well as immersing myself in the culture on the island. The unique blend of culture, community, technology and business development during the project will be of huge benefit to myself and the other students participating during the Hackathon. I am hoping that my experience of group-based projects during my time in DCU will prove vital in guiding me during my participation of this project. I believe it is very important in the ‘Business World’ to be able work and operate as part of a team. I hope to experience this during the Hackathon.



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