Intro: the Hackathon & Service learning

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    There are a few things I would like to achieve from this experience of service learning. Firstly, I would like to demonstrate how people can live in remote areas while retaining employment. I believe remote working is imperative for rural regeneration in Ireland. My paternal family live in West Donegal and so I have a vested interest in this matter. Secondly, I would like to improve my computing skills. I had planned to improve these skills at university and I think this is a great opportunity to do so. It is brilliant that I can improve my technology skills while also being in a position to help the community of Árainn Mhór island.

    For this experience to be successful it will require excellent computer skills, obviously. It will also require adequate listening and understanding skills. Teamwork will also be essential. Nobody in our group knows what it is like to live on an island so we will have to listen carefully to the thoughts and opinions of the native islanders as well as gaining some understanding of what their life is like. If our mission is to be successful, all of the above is essential so that we can understand how we can add to island life.


    The island life can be tough and sometimes restrictive and if we can make the life of the islanders slightly easier, our mission will be complete.

    To be honest, I have no significant experience of working with computers but on the other hand, I have knowledge on what country life is like and the trials and tribulations that it entails. I hope to relay this knowledge to my team and in return I understand that other members of my team are skilled in computers. When our knowledge is shared, I hope our mission will be successful.

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