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    ‘Service Learning’ Summary



    Service Learning

    ‘Service Learning’ is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service. This process gives students a progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs. In this case, we, as university students, were earning academic points as part of the ‘Strategic Management’ module while learning about problems Árainn Mhór, a West Donegal island, are experiencing and thinking of a way to rectify these problems.

    Did you develop any new skills as part of the ‘service learning’ process? / Can you use these experiences learned from ‘service learning’ in the future?

    From partaking in this process, I developed my team and listening skills.

    Firstly, I was in a group, consisting of Seán Ó Fuaráin, Marc Ó Muireadhaigh agus Daragh Ó Ceallaigh and because of this my skills of being part of a team environment improved massicaly. We had to meet every night, throughout the hackathon, to share our thoughts and to prepare for the following day. We spent a lot of time preparing our PowerPoint on the topic of repopulation and this task was made a lot more difficult considering the current pandemic restrictions. To be honest, I was lucky that the members of my group were very helpful and understanding. These skills will be invaluable when I am involved in groups in my future employment and also when I am playing Gaelic football and hurling.

    Secondly, my listening skills improved grately. Before the hackathon, not many of our group knew a lot about the repopulation of Árainn Mhór so it was vital that we listened intently to the stories and opinions of the islanders, the final-year students and Three Ireland employees. Because of our listening, we thought of a theory that the island could further investigate. I hope I can use these skills in future. I want to become a teacher and listening skills will be required when working with teenagers.

    In your opinion, what could be done to improve the ‘service learning’ experience?

    Business Studies students could add more ideas

    To be honest, I do not have many ideas on how to improve the ‘service learning’ experience. The process was organised very professionally and at the same time everybody, students and mentors alike. If more students partook in the process there would be more ideas brought forward and there would be more problems solved. In future, I think more students should be involved such as Business Studies students etc.


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