Reflection on the Hackathon

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    1)I have learnt a lot of new skills. Through actions and deep reflection I learnt the importance of service learning. It helped me to learn the strengths, Weakness’, difficulties and the things that worked well, or even more important did not work well. But its not good enough to accept it. We must learn to ask ourselves the question of why it didn’t work and if we done the same task ehat would we change to enhance the outcome.


    2) I have gained tremendous life experience from the service learning approach. Through working with a community and people from all ages and backgrounds from all over the country. I learnt that group work is vital in real life and it is as important to listen as it is to speak aloud. To adapt your way of thinking with the people you work with and engage through voicing your opinion.


    One must understand that not everything in life goes accoringly. Things do happen that we dont plan for. We must learn to adapt, improvise and to think on our feet as best we can with the tools we have at the time. Life can get in the way with paticular things. thats human nature,. Everyone makes mistakes. If you learn from this you become the wiser. We must reflect on why an event happened and if it happened again how would we deal with it.


    3) I am of the idea that we still do not use the service learning thinking to its maximum potential. I feel DCU could use this in every module. Hoe often do we learn something off and yet 6 months later struggle to remember what we learnt? If you reflect and take the main learnings from each task its can enhance your individual learning and have a postive long-term affect on life experience. I would be of the favour every module has an allocated % for service learning or critical thinking at the end of the semester.

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