Reflection on the Hackathon

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    • Did develop any new skill(s) as a result of the ‘service learning’ process?
    Certainly many new skills have been developed as a result of the service learning process but especially group work. I find it difficult for a student to do group work especially now during the pandemic when we are working from home with no personal experience. It was great to work with other people my age doing work. It’s hard sometimes to share your own ideas with people but I think we were good at letting everyone share their piece. Also on Zoom with the mentors listening to them and sharing the views we had.

    • Can you use ‘service learning’ experience in your future life?</p>
    I will definitely use this experience in the future. There is only a small range of jobs that do not use group work on a regular basis even in a part-time job as a server group work is always used. My listening skills have also been developed which I use every single day

    • What do you think can be done to improve the ‘service learning’ process? I don’t think there is much you can do to improve the service learning process. Perhaps before the process let people know that they need to take responsibility and do not have enough time to solve the problem. I was a little quiet at first and I think if I understood the pressure he was under I won’t be so quiet at first I will share my knowledge I won’t wait for others to share his knowledge I will more effort at the beginning</p>

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