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    1: I think the skills I developed mostly from the Service Learning process was my organizational skills aswell as my group work skills. During the process we had to organise many things from the presentation to preparing questions for the mentors. We only had three days to do this and therefore we needed to be prepared and organized. I managed to improve my group work skills as we were broken into small groups working to all achieve the same goal.</p>
    2: I will most definitely be able to use the experienced I have gained from the Learning Service process in the future. As a result of the online zoom classes, working with new people online has improved my communicational skills, something I had not experienced before the pandemic broke out. Another factor from the Service Learning process I will use in the future is understanding the benefits from gaining opinions from other people instead of only your own opinions and thoughts.There are many people with a wide variety of skills and qualifications and therefore have new and different ideas, that can greatly help the project. This process illustrated to me the benefits to come from group work because of the vast amount of ideas to take from it.
    3: I believe the most important thing about the Service Learning process is to ensure that the project is focussed on solving community needs. For example our project was very beneficial for the community of Arranmore and our goal to revive the island . in oir case we had to provide the service online of course, and therefore we had some difficulties in my opinion. I think more time to interact with the mentors would have been helpful as I believe it is harder and takes longer to get know eachother online and to create an atmosphere online in comparrison with face to face interaction. Overall the Service Learning process was very successful and there isn’t a lot to improve on in my opinion.

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