Reflection on the Hackathon

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    I learnt many new skills during the hackathon. Sometimes you have to be able to work in a group and during the hackathon we did, and we did it well. I have noticed though in recent times in my workplace that not all people are a team player and struggle to work as part of a team and sometimes I would find it difficult to work as part of a team.


    With service learning i think its important to be organised, if you’re not organised it is very difficult to move forward with the process. For example we had a session with the mentors and we spent an hour or two before hand preparing questions and we felt this really helped us , because if we didn’t have questions prepared we wouldn’t of got anything out of the session.


    To improve service learning I think its very important to continue doing things such as the hackathon so in turn you can see how you can improve service learning and make it a better experience for everyone. In my case the only problem I had was that I wasn’t on the island , the reason why I say this is a problem is because because I had never been to the Island It is quite difficult to understand the culture that they have, but saying that I really got a taster of the culture just by listening to the people that are from the island.



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