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    Service learning is an educational approach in which reflective activities are done to ensure the topic is understood. During this module I did 6 blogs;

    1. “Service learning and my aims”

    2. “What is creating shared value”

    3. “An analysis on stakeholders”

    4. “An analysis on the 6 thinking hats”

    5. “Hackathon”

    6. “The service learning process”

    In my opinion, I developed my research skills and my critical thinking skills throughout this process. After every topic I analysed and reflected on the topic to answer the questions. This really helped me improve my critical thinking skills. Also, I improved my research skills by analysing each topic and picking out the relevant information to answer the questions.


    These new skills helped me a lot while doing essays for my other modules. I was able to do my research more efficiently and faster than before. I know that these new skills will help me in the future with my essays in my final year and in the future when I have a job. From this, I can say that I can use the experience of ‘service learning’ in my future.


    In my opinion to improve the ‘service learning’ process everyone involved should be able to read the reflection activities written by others. I think this will be a good opportunity to find out the understanding of others and perhaps gain a different perspective.

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