Stakeholder theory

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    What is a stakeholder?


    To understand what a stakeholder analysis is we must first understand what a stakeholder is. A stakeholder can be a singular person, a group/groups, an organisation or someone with an intrest involved with an active project. The aim of a stakeholder/s is to use the resources they have in order for them to be able to predict the outcome of the project. An example of stakeholders are consumers, investors, creditors, suppliers, employess,employers, the goverment. In simple terms stakeholders use human solutions to reach completion.


    What is Stakeholders Analysis?


    Stakeholders analysis is the the way that stakeholders are identified and we can get an understanding of them. It is advised that analysis of stakeholders is done before the project in order for it to have more chance of being sucsessful. There is 3 main ways in doing this analysis. Firstly we identify who the stakeholders are. this can be from the marketing team, Sales department or even the customers. Secondly we prioritize the stakeholders. we get an understanding of their power and intrest within the project. this can be done by a power and intrest grid. It outlines the stakeholders which the project should prioritze. Theres no point in putting time and effort into something that someone with little intrest will not appreciate as much. The third and final way is to understand the stakeholders. You create a profile in order to gain insight to what motivates the stakeholder and how any negative views can be changed reguarding the stakeholder.




    The very simple and main reason that analysis of stakeholders is done is simple. To be able to predict the risks in the future. To get an insight of this can help the project become sucsessful. It is a useful way of getting to know people as much as how they work in the project. Through the power of the stakeholders one common goal can be achived.

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