Stakeholder theory

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    1. What is a stakeholder? Stakeholder is a general term for describing individuals, groups or organizations who are interested in a project and who can move resources to influence its outcome in some way. The formal description of stakeholders are individuals and organizations actively involved in a project. The impact they have on a project can be positive or negative as a result of how the project was completed or the successful outcome. 2. What is the importance of ‘stakeholder analysis’? To identify and understand the needs and expectations of major interests and expectations within and outside the project environment. Most of the time our projects need human solutions to get them done and that is the stakeholders. Stakeholder analysis is the key to strategic project planning. Stakeholder analysis helps in understanding the terms of planning a project and doing it in a strategic way 3. How is stakeholder analysis? It is first necessary to identify project stakeholders then to identify the interests and stakeholders, then to assess stakeholders for their importance and impact, then to outline the assumptions and risks and finally to define the involvement of the stakeholders. stakeholders.</p>

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