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    The 6 Thinking hats is a process that helps people be more productuve, focussed and involved in a converstion or meeting through a game where 6 different coloured hats are used with each hat having a different role. I think this is a very useful way to analyse a business plan comprehensively and critically. The hat colurs contain a White, Yellow, Black, Red, Green and Blue hat. The roles of the hats contain one for information and facts alone, one for the positives, one for judjement, one for feelings, one for creativity and one that manages the process
    The advantages of the game in my opinion are you get a great insight into every angle of the business plan and an understanding of the positive things, the opportunity, the difficulties of the plan and you gain the opinions of everyone on each topic in an effective and clear way. Without the game you could focus too muc hon the positives without understanding the threats and dificulties infront of the potential business
    The most useful hat in my opinion is the black hat. It is vital that one understandsthere is a possibilty the plan won’t be successful. With this hat one understands where the challenges may lie and reasons for these challenges or difficulties. Without this role there is every chance partys will enter business without an understanding that a certain threat with have major implications on their business. I would focus the most amount of time on the black hat to ensure there is no dangers in the future awaiting the company. Although the blue hat is is vital in the process to ensure the game operates effectively, I believe the black hat is the most useful.

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