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    What is ‘The 6 Thinking Hats’?

    What are the benefits of the game

    in your opinion which is the most useful hat?



    This is a game in which a simple and effective thinking process is done. Dr. Edward de Bono came up with this game because he understood that arguments can often be biased and sometimes decisions can be made just to win the argument instead of choosing the most effective decision to fix the problem. With this game people can see all aspects of a situation. It helps you to be more productive, focused and to be more mindfully involved. If this game is used correctly there is a very high chance that your business will be successful. Obviously, there are 6 different coloured hats in this game. Each colour has a different purpose.


    White: Facts. Data. Figures. Evidence. The most important things.


    Yellow: The positive aspects. The opportunities.


    Black: The negative aspects/ weaknesses


    Red: Emotions


    Green: Fixing the problems. New ideas. Advice.


    Blue: Supervisor. Order. Focus




    You should be able to analyse your company with this game, both the positives and negatives. From this you should be able to fix any problems so they won’t hold the company back from succeeding. Some of the benefits of this game are:


    – Maximise productive collaboration


    – Consider problems, decisions, and opportunities systematically


    – Make meetings much shorter and more productive


    – Stimulate innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly


    – Go beyond the obvious to discover effective alternate solutions


    – Think clearly and objectively


    – See all sides of a situation




    I can’t decide between the black hat or the yellow hat as the most useful one. With the black hat you find out about all the weaknesses related to the idea, the things that are wrong and will prevent the idea from succeeding. Without this hat the idea isn’t realistic, you cannot ignore these weaknesses or the company will fail within a short period. That said, if you focus too much on the negatives you could become disheartened and lose sight of your overall goal. You may not be motivated to put your idea into practice because to effectively put an idea into practice you need to believe in the idea yourself. That is why I think the yellow hat is equally as useful as it shows you all the positive aspects which will make you proud to show your idea and determined to put it into practice. As well as that you can work on ithe positives to improve them furthermore.

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