The 6 thinking hats

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    The ‘6 Thinking Hats’ “is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved.” Dr Edward De Bono created the concept in the 1980s. In a group setting each member wears the same thinking hat to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Each hat represents different thought processes;


    White- The facts and information. No opinions needed.


    Yellow- The benefits and positive outcomes that could happen.


    Red- intuition, gut feelings and hunches at first glance.


    Green- possibilities and new ideas.


    Blue- Managing the thinking process. Clarifies the objectives.


    Black-Difficulties and dangers, what could go wrong?


    This is beneficial when generating new ideas as it promotes parallel thinking. All viewpoints and thinking mindsets have been taken into consideration. Seeing all sides of the idea such as potential problems and solutions can minimize the risks that occur after the idea has been rolled out.


    All hats are important when thinking of new ideas, however in my opinion the black hat is the most important. This covers the flaws in the idea/plan and worst case scenarios can be predicted . Weak points can be solved or removed, ensuring consumer satisfaction.

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