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    The ‘Six Thinking Hats’ concept invites people, who are partaking in a project, to explore different perspectives of a question or a problem. Dr. Edward de Bono developed this concept. There are six hats in question; the white hat, the red hat, the black hat, the yellow hat, the green hat and the blue hat.


    The white hat is the information hat. It deals with hard and factual information related to the project. It is objective and it bares no judgement on the value of the information provided. The red hat focuses on intuition, gut reactions and emotion. It also allows members to think on how others could react emotionally. The black hat is the hat of judgement. This hat look at the project’s potential negative outcomes and it gives an opportunity to the project’s members to be critical and skeptical without any inhibition. The yellow hat is based on the benefits of the project. This hat allows project members think positively about potential outcomes. The green hat represents the hat of creativity. This hat explores possibilities, alternatives and new ideas. This is a challenging hat as a lot of people struggle with creativity. The final hat, involved in this process, is the blue hat; the hat of organization. This hat has control of the entire process and clarifies the project’s objectives.


    What are the benefits associated with this game?


    I believe there is two main benefits associated with this game. Firstly, this game encourages the persons associated with the relevant project to think about every aspect of the project, before it begins. There is no point doing anything before brainstorming and thinking about as many aspects as possible. If this process is carried out, it is far more likely that the project will have a beneficial outcome. Secondly, this game encourages the project leader to gather as many thoughts as possible from the project’s stakeholders. If a project was started without these thoughts, there is a likely chance that the project would end in failure. Due to this process, as I have said before, the chance of success if much higher.


    What is the most useful hat in the game? Why?

    In my opinion, The Thinking Hats concept is very useful but I believe the concept would not be feasible without the Blue Hat. In football terms, this hat is like the captain of the team – the leader. Nothing would happen without the blue hat. This hat organizes the entire process. It ensures that no part of the project is forgotten about and it ensures everything is in order.

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