The 6 thinking hats

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    What is ‘The 6 thinking hats’


    The 6 Thinking hats is a game involving 6 hats that are worn mentally in a planning game. This game was founded in 1985 by Edward deBono from his book. This book puts an emphasis on strategic team-work and planning ahead. This is also a simple way of expressing a buisness idea to others. Each hat carries and covers a certain topic. The white hat covers the facts of the idea, the blue hat is the person who controls the order of the hats, the red hat symoblisies the emotions of the idea, green is the nw ideas/ oppurtunities, yellow means the positive thing of the ide and black meaning the negative ideas or areas of uncertantiy.


    What are the advantages of the 6 Thinking Hats ?


    This game is a huge advantage for engaing with other peoples taughts and emotions towards the idea. In the lecture I used my example of Through sharing the idea and using the mentally worn hats i recived geat feedback and brilliant new ideas. It is a great idea and differs from SWOT or PESTLE analysis being more of a group effort. Due to the small size of our class people tend to be more honest and open to speak about ideas or thoughts. No one brain works the same and this creates many more oppurtunites for the entrepeneur. Through working as a team I engaged in better understanding of peoples ideas of how the proposal could become sucsessful.


    What Colour Hate is the most Important ?


    I feel both the red and the black hat are most important in my own opinion. It can be a brillaint idea to highlight the positive things reguarding a buisness idea but unless looking at areas where you can improve and adapt the proposal could fail very fast. With the black hat you can plan in order to prevent theese setbacks. I also find the red hat important as it gives an insight on peoples initial reaction. From the mix of people you ask i believe you can begin to create a pattern of who is most likely to buy the idea and who is not. This can go more into depth to create a target market if the idea devolps.

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