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    Nadine BereuterNadine Bereuter

    Our cooperating school is an upper secondary vocational school in Vienna with a focus on economy. Main subjects in this school include business economics, corporate accounting but also hands-on subjects like practice companies and interships. In this context, it is certainly worth mentioning that the school has received an entrepreneurship-school certificate in Austria, which testifies the excellent business education the school provides. Within the school, there are three school branches that are vocational schools which lead their students to the Matura (the higher education entrance qualification in Austria) and one vocational school branch which does not include the Matura at the end but another certificate and a similar, although not so in-depth, focus on economy. As already mentioned, the main focus of the school is economy, but they are also concentrating on management and entrepreneurship as well as general education and language learning. Of the three school branches which lead to the Matura, there is one branch which focuses on economy more general, one branch which intensifies this focus on economy and entrepreneurship by including coaching and individual support of talents in view of future business concepts and start-up ideas and one new school branch which focuses on economy in combination with law. Another, very significant feature of the school is their IT-infrastructure. Even before the whole pandemic started and the school had to change to remote learning and teaching, they had established a good IT-infrastructure in their school and they had been using different kinds of digital tools already, like for example MS-Teams. Additonally, the school is an e-education expert school in Austria. This, of course, made the transition to distance learning and teaching a lot easier for the teachers as well as the students. Concerning the relationship between teachers and students in this school, I can only evaluate what I have seen in one online lesson I observed. In this lesson, the relationship between the teacher and the students was very friendly and I also had the feeling that the students were not reluctant to ask questions and make comments, which is generally a sign for a good relationship between teacher and students. Furthermore, from conversations with the headmaster and different teachers, it seems to me that the teachers are all very dedicated to their job and that the school is concerned with providing their students a valuable education and a good preparation for their future lives. Furthermore, the headmaster stressed that the school is a rather small school, which, of course, makes the relationship between teachers and students a bit more personal. Moreover, in the interview we conducted with two language teachers from the school, I could also observe that these two teachers had a good and friendly relationship with each other.

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