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    My college course (Business and Irish in DCU) recently took part in a virtual Hackathon as part of our Strategic Management Module in 2nd Year. The Hackathon was in partnership with Three Ireland and the Island of Arranmore, where the event took place completely online over three days at the end of March. The aim of the Hackathon was to solve socio-economic issues on the Island. There were three different socio-economic issues, which we (the students) had to solve with some help from the various mentors. We were split into three groups of four students to explore and solve these socio-economic issues. The mentors included – past and present residents from the island and employees from Three Ireland.


    Here were the 3 themes (issues) which we had to solve during the Hackathon:


    Remote work


    How can data from the internet and other research be used to attract more people to Arranmore for remote work?


    Depopulation of the island


    How can data from the internet and other research be used to attract people back to the island of Arranmore in the long term?


    The digital tourist


    What is the digital profile of visitors to Arranmore? Could these profiles be used as a basis for marketing campaigns, to attract tourists to Arranmore?


    ‘Depopulation of the island’ was the theme our group selected to try resolve. We used Zoom meeting as a means of communicating within our groups and with our mentors. We concluded that the lack of accommodation was the biggest issues preventing the growth of population on the island. We found that there were over 50 unoccupied properties on the Island, where there were no people living in them. This was an issue as it is difficult for new residents to build property on the Island due to strict planning permission laws. We decided that offering tax incentives for people who were willing to rent out their property to long-term tenants would be the best solution to solve this issue and reduce the amount of vacant properties.


    On the last day of the Hackathon, we had to give a 10 minute presentation with regards to our solution and findings to the other two groups and the mentors who had took part in the event. I really enjoyed the Hackathon event and I am hopeful that I will visit Arranmore sometime in the near future, when it is safe to do so.

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