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    Description of the Hackathon…


    Before I start I must mention of what an experience the Hackathon was, I have neveer done anything like this before. In my opinion I have learnt many things from the digital sides of learning and gained massive real-life lessons. From working in groups, Working with new people and over anything, The importance of time managment skills. It was a brillaint overall experience.


    To start of the chgallenge we had to pick groups. I chose Ross, Darragh and mark. We had to come up with a solution on how to re-populate the Island long term. I have absolutely no regrets with thye group I chose. each of the men was equally good at listening as they were at speaking and communicating.


    Our first session was at 9-11 am on Wednesday, We met with the Arannmore Islanders and Three Ireland to gain a etter understanding of challenge that lay ahead of us. Later on in the day (2-3pm) we met with GG3 students and experts aswell as the mentors we would work closely alongside for the short period we had together. We had a live zoom session with 3 mentors for 20 minutes each before our group met that night 5;30-9;30pm to discsuss our pitch.


    On Friday morning we gave a presentation. It last approximitely 12 and a half minutes. I took the role of the introdcution and question taking. Our group worked tiredlessy to produce our solution to the problem and I was very pleased on how we worked together as a group. Unforunately we did not get the victory, But it’s all about taking part! (so they say). On Monday we had a de-bried of the hectic three days.


    Lessons Learnt


    Many lessons I have learnt from the start of the Hakathon, Many of which I will not forget. Mainly the digital learnings from Darragh Kally and the Communication skills from the mentors ( through English and Irish). I have learnt that a Hakathon can be done online with a good internet connection people can connect from every corner of the world. Covid 19 has impacted us no doubt, but like the Island of Arranmore, we must learn to adapt, improvise and overcome. That being said I would rather have a few pints with the men in Phil’s than sat behind a screen.

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