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    The first online hackathon took place between March 24th and 26th recently. It involved groups working together to find a solution to a problem the island of Arranmore was facing. I was in a group with two others in the class and our question was “How can people be attracted to Arranmore for remote work?” We had the introduction on the first day and we met the mentors. After that, me and the other two went on Zoom to come up with ideas. We were throwing out ideas, but we agreed on one. The concept was to provide an internship in which an employee would do it through remote work on the island. We were happy with the idea and were ready to talk to the mentors.
    On the second day, we had to talk and ask the mentors questions. We had 20 minutes with each group of mentors. There were 3 groups in total. We said the concept to the mentors, and they were very happy with the idea. They gave us helpful information. We two spent the rest of the day finishing the presentation.
    The big day came. We had to make the presentation in front of everyone. We did a good job of it. Each group had great ideas, and my group won the hackathon. It was a great experience. I learned how to work as a group to solve a problem. Also, it was a great experience to make a presentation in front of people to demonstrate our concept.

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