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    The Hackathon project was an excellent experience for me. My course was broken up into groups of three or four. the island’s community gave the groups different problems and it was up to us to come up with a solution and to sell them our idea. It was difficult without a doubt because of the time we had – only three days.
    we were given the problem of attracting people to Aranmore for remote working. the hackathon began on Wednesday morning and as soon as we knew this, my group had a Zoom meeting. we came up with the idea to begin an internship program on the island for university students. Later on in the day, we had a meeting with the mentors, who were there to give us support and advice. After the meeting, we had a plan to implement.
    On Wednesday evening and Thursday, we conducted research. I got in contact with different companies who had a connection to the culture. I wrote emails to INTRA DCU and Conradh na Gaeilge. I didn’t receive an answer in time but I rang TG4 and they were very keen on the idea so i was able to use their name in the presentation. On Thursday evening, we had another meeting where we put our research together and made a PowerPoint.
    The day after, we had our last meeting where we practiced the sales pitch. We had to decide who was saying which parts. Later, we won the competition. It was a challenge but an excellent experience.

    What lessons did you learn from this?
    Importance of Research
    If nobody in the group did any research correctly, we would have failed. I learnt that without research, there is no sale. You must have the information before you begin anything else. This is the reason why we won.

    Importance of Planning
    Earlier on in the blog, I mentioned that we didn’t have much time. It was very important that we used our time effectively. We wrote down how we were going to use our time and I believe that it says a lot about the importance of research that we gave an entire day to it.

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