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    <p class=”MsoNormal”>This years hackethon involving DCU Gnó&Gaeilge students the people of Arranmore and 3 Ireland was hugely successful. It was the first online hackethon with such groups, that lasted 3 days. GG students were broken up into three separate groups in which each group was given a certain theme to work on over the three days based on challenges facing the island. The three themes this year were How to atract people to work remotely on Arranmore, How to repopulate the island and the last theme was based on th Digital Tourist. A very interesting aspect of the Hackethon in my opinion was the way in which 3 Ireland gave us access to the all their data collected from the Iot data and also the Data Insight Datasets. It was very intersting to learn about the work 3 Ireland have done and continue to do to revive the island.</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>The hackethon began on the 23 March when we got an intro from the mentors including people from Arranmore, 3 Ireland and other mentors. We had the opportunity later in the day to meet the mentors in our groups and ask questions and gain feedback on our plan. We then met again on Thursday with the mentors and GG4 students where they helped us prepare for our pitch the following day. On Friday, the final day of the hackethon we all gathered on zoom, including the mentors so the could listen and cast a vote for their prefered group. All the presentations were interesting and enjoyable and the remote working team came in first place with their plan to implement the opportunity for students to spend a period of their intra year working remotely in the digital hub on the island. Myself, Eoin and shane believed this was the best way to encourage people to work remotely on the island.</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>There was many things to take from this years hackethon in my opinion. The biggest thing I will take from this experience is the undertanding of the importance of team work and collaborating with other people and the advantages this brings when all parties are focussed on the same goal. The mentors were hugely helpful and without their support and their own opinions our plan would not have been as successful. I learned that to build a successful business plan is helps it helps massively to surround yourslef with people with a variety of skills, experiences and opinions.</p>

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