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    I really enjoyed the Hackathon we took part in recently. I had never done anything like that before so I was excited to try it out. My biggest fear before we started was the time frame we had. I knew it would have to be done in a very short space of time. I was part of a group of four. Our title for the Hackathon was “The digital tourist”, we had to put together a digital profile of visitors to Arranmore by gathering information from past visitors and using it to create a marketing campaign to attract more visitors in the future. We had a very busy and long two days of work which included, using data from Three Ireland, analysing Google Trends, using our own social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter to gather information and meeting several times with our mentors. Although it was hard work, we really enjoyed ourselves, we were on Zoom for approx. 7 hours over the two days and we had a great laugh during that time. It was a really enjoyable way to do the work. The mentors were a great help and it was so good to have people to guide you in the right direction, starting off we had loads of ideas and we definitely would have struggled to narrow them down without the help of our mentors.


    I certainly learned a lot from this experience for example,


    Not to be afraid to ask questions: We wouldn’t have been able to do this project half as well without the help of the mentors.

    Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself: I wasn’t too hopeful when we got in touch with various organisations and companies to see if they would be interested in supporting our idea but I was amazed at the positive response we received. It would have been easy to think it wouldn’t be worth emailing as they mightn’t even reply let alone be willing to help but it definitely pays off to put yourself out there!

    There is always something that will go wrong: Knowing we only had a short period of time to complete this project made us worried and we wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible so we could be very confident when presenting our idea, but that’s not life. More often than not something will go wrong and we definitely struggled with the direction of our idea a few times and had to go backwards in order to go forward. That is a valuable lesson to learn as I think it is better to expect something to go wrong and be prepared for it as opposed to trying to avoid it and being unable to overcome an issue that may arise.

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