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    What is a hackaton? That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard that we were going to be taking part in one. I began to look up the word in search of a better understanding on the topic. Normally the hackaton would take place on the island in Arranmore but unfortunately due to our current situation it had to take place online. A hackaton is when a group of people get given a problem and over the course of the three days the people involved in the hackathon have to try and come up with a realistic solution to this problem. This module was slightly difficult at the start as we weren’t one hundred percent sure that the hackathon would go ahead, but due to the unbelievable work and effort that our lecture Eoghan put into it , it went ahead but this time it was through zoom. It was the first ever hackathon online that was through Irish. I think that that will look well on my CV.


    Our hackathon started on Friday the 24th of March and it finished on Friday the 26th of March. We got the problems on the Monday. Normally we would of got the problems on the day that it starts but because it was all online, we got them a bit earlier. The problem that my group were given was to try and find a way to repopulate the Island for the long term. On the first day we seen a and spoke to all of the mentors. Our first meeting with just the mentors was later that day, so to get prepared for this we ran a zoom call after the introduction to ensure we were prepared for the meeting. In the first session with the mentors we got an insight on what the island is actually like. Then in the second session we started to develop our ideas with the mentors. Finally in the last session we had to do a presentation in front of the 4 judges to see who would come out victorious, unfortunately it wasn’t my group. I feel that this module has benefitted me the most out of all my modules so far.

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