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    Hackathon 2021

    A hackathon is an event that takes place over a set amount of time, in which problems are given out to groups and must be solved within that time frame.

    I was lucky enough to be apart of the virtual hackathon between DCU and Árainn Mhór. There were three problems:


    Working from home

    How can the data from Three Ireland and other research be used to attract people to Arranmore for remote working?



    How can data from Three Ireland and other research be used to attract people back to Arranmore in the long term?



    Digital tourist

    What is the digital profile of the  visitors of Arranmore? Could these profiles be used as a basis for marketing campaigns, to attract tourists to Arranmore?

    There were three groups, each group had a different problem. I chose the problem about the digital tourist because I found it the most interesting and I wanted a challenge. To help us solve this problem we had two resources; mentors and digital data from Three Ireland.


    The Hackathon started with a session with the mentors. Mentors included experts from Three Ireland, Grow Remote and Modam as well as Arranmore residents and GG3 / GG4 Students. In this session we discussed our problem and made a rough draft of any solutions we had. We met up in our groups after the session to discuss the information given to us by the mentors. We noticed that most of the tourists were summer tourists or children attending the Gaeltacht which is why we chose to focus on corporate tourism. We had one more session with the mentors on Thursday where we discussed our solution.

    Our solution was to prepare a human resources conference on the island  where corporate tourists could come in and spend money on the island. On the last day of the hack we pitched our idea to each mentor along with other students the idea we had.

    The lessons I learnt:


    In my opinion I learned transferable soft skills during the Hackathon. Because it was group work, I had to learn how to communicate my own ideas to others and listen to their ideas at the same time.


    Also I improved my research skills, because of the time limit I had to do the research more efficiently and more accurately because I had no time to waste on researching anything that was not useful information.


    I have also improved my presentation skills. I had to do the pitch in front of more than my own class for the first time ever, and in my opinion it was good practice for the future.

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